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London is classified as an Global 'Alpha++' city for its economic, cultural and political influence along with New York. As one of the leading financial centres in the world, London was ranked the No.1 city by the Global Power City Index published by the Insititute for Urban Strategies in Tokyo, based on factors like economy, livability, accessibility, research and development, cultural interaction and environment. In Frank Knight's Global cities study, London, UK,  was placed 2nd for 'Economic Activity' based on per capita income, output, capital and financial market activity and the number of international corporate headquarters. London was also the top ranked city for 'Knowledge and Influence', given the number and quality of its educational institutions, new media organizations and market share of international media. It was also the No.3 ranked city in Europe and 8th worldwide for 'Quality of Life' based on criteria like personal and political freedom, crime, health care, public services, transportation, personal security, censorship, culture and leisure, quality of environment and climate. In the Economic Intelligence Unit's Global City Competitiveness Index, London was again the 2nd ranked city based on criteria like investment climate and its ability to attract businesses, human capital and visitors. The Green City Index commissioned by the Economic Intelligence Unit and Siemens, named London as the No.11 most green city in Europe based on factors like carbon dioxide emissions, transportation, water, land and energy use. Feedbacq can connect you with quality international movers to help with your move abroad.

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Information on London

Rent for 3 Bed Apt/Month in City Center : $3876.55 

Cost of buying an apt in city center (Price/ $11927.84

Cost of 3 course, meal for 2 in a mid-range restaurant: $74.55

Mug of local draught Beer -5.22 $ ; Regular Milk 1 litre - 1.49 $; Loaf of White Bread - 1.49 $; Apples 1kg - 2.53 $ ; Potato 1kg - 1.49 $; Pack of Marlboro Cigarettes -10.70 $



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